New Family Unit Ensures Privacy, Respect & Comfort for Homeless Families with Children

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September 2010

An exciting renovation project has been underway at our shelter on 23 Elm Street to add a 6-bed family unit to the 2nd story, increasing Ryandale Shelter’s ability to accommodate homeless couples or single adults with children. This ambitious project was possible thanks to the federal government’s Homelessness Partnering Strategy and the generous support of the United Way of KFL&A.

Ryandale Shelter has seen a dramatic increase in the number of families affected by homelessness in recent years and recognizes the unique and sensitive nature of caring for children in a mixed shelter, city environment. With this in mind, our new family unit includes 2 bedrooms (one with 4 bunks to accommodate larger families), a private bathroom and sitting room equipped with sink, small refrigerator and microwave. This separate living space enables residents with children to practice family routines and maintain general independence as a family unit. They are afforded the privacy, respect and comfort too often lacking in the everyday lives of families affected by the cycle of homelessness.

We would once again like to thank the United Way and the Government of Canada for their contributions to our building project and for bringing some peace of mind to homeless families staying with Ryandale Shelter.

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